Writing Update: August 2016

I’m writing this from my dorm room. After months—years—of planning, it has happened. I start classes today and I’m pretty excited. Even if I’ve already cursed (loudly) and walked out of two social events in as many days for being too crazy (by crazy I mean deafening music and dancing college girls), I am gearing up for a nifty semester!

Though I haven’t yet met my writing professor, I made sure to locate her office on campus. The woman has a posters of Shakespearean insults and the medieval Maiden with Unicorn tapestry, plus she’s teaching Dracula for British Lit. I love her already.


Yeah, my dorm room is pretty great. As soon as the issue of illicit boyfriend sleepovers is cleared up with my roommate, it will be perfect. My dorm room is less than fifty yards from a game preserve and for the first time in my life, I saw real, wild ravens! I kind of geeked out over that a little bit.


I finished mark-ups on The Chalice of Malvron and I’ve just hired the cover designer to work on its new face whilst I make final edits. The library here has (lockable) study rooms we can occupy for up to two hours and I mean to make full use of that for editing during the week (I’m minoring in writing, it counts as school).


I think I have just solved my big block I was experiencing with the fourth Fanged novella, so as soon as I hit “publish” on The Chalice of Malvron, Fanged Kindred shall have my undivided attention. In the mean time, all my books are free with Kindle Unlimited and I’m working double-time to bring you guys at least two books before December.

So what are you all up to this August? Any cool beginning-of-semester reads or writes? 🙂


  1. Wow you’re doing college AND publishing books?!? *bows to your skills* That is seriously admirable!! Good luck with it all and I hope you get plenty of uninterrupted editing time and that your cover comes out super awesomely. 😀

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Oh, I’ve loved your blog since I stumbled on that post where you trashed the anti-YA in The Guardian. 😉 And yes, it’s been working out so far!

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