Do you believe in magic?

That question has appeared in countless children’s stories, fantasy books, and movies, it’s hard to keep track. They’ve been uttered so many times, I occasionally fear they’ve lost their meaning, but do you believe in magic?

We’ve used “magic” so much that it’s lost its—well—magic. The word is meant to describe an unseen power or force, an entity that is beyond comprehension. Whether wielded by a wizard or not, magic is the energy that entrances, overwhelms, and transforms. It is the sensations and ideas that could simply have no other name.


So do you believe in magic?

You are a spirit driving a meat suit that grows and heals itself and you can doubt it? This very moment, you are scanning random symbols and interpreting words, sensations, and ideas—but you don’t believe in magic? Magic is the life and breath of the world!

I can sense it in the sunlight shining through treetops and the rhythm of an ocean surf. I see it in the way whorls of paint create galaxies on canvas, how ink births worlds on paper. It’s in the flawless dance of a sparrow flock and that heady feeling you get when the one you love smiles your way. There is magic in dreams, both the fictions of the sleeping mind and the aspirations of the ambitious. It infuses the power of words—noises lisped into the air and scrawled on a page—to change entire generations.


Life itself is magic. This world is teeming with magic we simply take for granted. Our world froths with it, we have simply become blind.

You have but to open your mind to embrace it.


  1. Ahhh this is very beautiful! AND VERY TRUE. Life is magic.😍 And there are so many simple magical things to remember and be in awe of. Although I totally wouldn’t mind, like, some other magical superpowers along with it hhahha. Ahem.😂

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