How GAME OF THRONES made me a better Christian

Many people will ask, should Christians watch Game of Thrones? I honestly can’t answer. I’ve never seen the HBO series. The books, however, have played an interesting role in my perspective.

I got through A Game of Thrones this year and finally understand all the hype. It’s not the best book ever written or unlike anything I’ve ever read, but the sweeping storyline and, most of all, the character development sets it apart for me.


It’s no secret that Game of Thrones has some questionable people, but they are still people. They grieve and bleed. They have their insecurities, secrets, and scars. It shows how we’re all so brokenly human, just as the Bible tells us.

Don’t get me wrong, there were characters I hated. I wanted a nastier death for Khal Drogo (pedophile, rapist, and mass murderer) and I won’t be crying over Joffrey, either.


But even then, the story let me understand how others could still love them. To Dany and Cirsei, those loathsome bastards characters were a beloved husband and a son. More than anything, it helped me internalize how God could love those people, too.


Christianity teaches that no one is better than anyone else. Even knowing this, it can be hard to grasp that God will forgive a repentant terrorist as quickly as a gossip.

A Game of Thrones influenced my faith for the better by letting me see the “worst” kinds of people differently. Every human is a creature God loved enough that He died (horribly) to save. A Game of Thrones also shows how every human needs salvation. Even the “good” people do horrible things.


We all fall short of the glory of God and can never redeem ourselves. That’s why we need Jesus and that’s what I think of most while reading this series.


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