Writing Update: October 2016


College has been—who am I kidding? It’s been crazy, of course! It’s COLLEGE! But midterms are over and I am always grateful for the chance to get this education at all. I’m meeting lots of cool people (definitely stealing at least two names) and lots of them are writers, too!

I’ve changed my major to Entrepreneurship (still getting that Writing minor) after many months of debate. Marketing can be fun, but I really want a subject that doesn’t feel like creative prostitution. Besides, I’m more of an entrepreneur anyway. 😛

I am actually writing this blog post in between edits for the third Fanged novella (which is a lot less terrible than I remember). I’m shooting to have it out by spring break—let’s see how I do! It’s just a matter of avoiding distractions.

Speaking of distractions…my school has this grassy drainage ditch. My brother figured out that if we could turn a box into a sled and, well…

…and that’s why I didn’t get any editing done Sunday.

But look what came in my mail Wednesday! The new edition of The Chalice of Malvron. As soon as I get this baby proofread, she’s out to the big wide world!


I’m also working on a new project for NaNo WriMo, Fireblight, which involves dragon shifters and forbidden love. It is a few years from publication, but if you’re curious, you can read more about it by clicking on the title above.

(Daindreth’s Assassin has not been forgotten, I’m just trying to figure out some things about it. I swear. Trust me. Meanwhile, I continue to taunt you on the series Pinterest board.)

I’m feeling pretty good about my writing like I haven’t in a long time. The stories are talking to me again and it’s awesome!


  1. This post = ALL THE YESSES. I muchly approve. I laughed out loud at you calling marketing CREATIVE PROSTITUTION because it fits. TOO WELL probably. Also I love that you have your own grass sledding coach. He is SO SUPPORTIVE. “Lay back more!” “Scoot!” Melts my heart.

    1. Hey, some people like it, but me…well, you know. 😉 And my brother was very enthusiastic! He was having a good day, haha. He is a sweetheart.

    1. Aww…shucks. 🙂 Yep, that’s little author me. And when asking questions about NaNo, the answer is yes. Always yes. What’s the worst that could happen? It’ll be fun! 😛

  2. yayyy that the writing is behaving!! THAT IS AWESOME. And omg college + publishing a book?! You are amazing, clearly. *nods* I hope the proof reading goes well! And obviously sliding down hills on boxes is crucial to the writers life. I’m sure of it. 😉

    1. Or just pathologically ambitious??? Thanks, LOL. 🙂 And obviously the box sledding is indispensable. How else could I possibly do anything?

  3. Creative prostitution, oh my god, that is amazing :’) I do PR which is mostly like marketing except less markets and more of the creative stuff. LOL. Entrepreneurship scares me too much :’)

    Also, loving the sled <3

    1. Well, I mean no offense to PR people marketers! It’s just I read too much and know what sorts of ethical shortcuts certain corporations are taking and it kind of kills me to talk them up. Not all companies are like that for sure, but…yeah.

      And isn’t the sled just so…fetch! 😛

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