Writing Update: November 2016


untitled-9Yes, I know my weekly blog post is a day late. Shut up. There have been shenanigans and stock portfolios and STUFF. So without further ado, allow me to catch you all up as to the happenings of Elisabeth’s world.

NaNo WriMo a.k.a. The Month of Madness

As I write this, my present word count tally stands at 25,526 words. Officially past the halfway mark! I attribute this to a functional alarm clock, raging writerly pride, and copious quantities of tea.


This has been a fun piece with lots of surprises for the characters and me and I am loving it. Of course, I will also have to edit it eventually. Bleh.

Speaking of editing…

Look at what I have been working on just last night! The final mark-ups for Fanged Kindred!


The amazing Kaitlyn Deann is helping me edit. I’m reviewing her comments, checking for typos one last time, and this baby should be breaking out before New Years! So exciting.

As for reading…

In a fitting coincidence, we are covering Dracula for British Literature right now. For the record, there is no Dracula/Mina romance. NONE. If you think that their predatory obsession/crippling terror relationship if romantic, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Mina and Jonathan are the real love story. *heart eyes* Seriously, they’ve got a good thing going.


Disclaimer: Do not read this book at night, especially if you live alone. It’s over a century old, so you think it’d be safe, BUT IT IS TERRIFYING.

I’ve also got another book review for W.R. Gingell’s Playing Hearts for some time this week! It was fantastic and I can’t wait to brag to you guys about it.

So have you read Dracula or Playing Hearts? Which of my projects are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Calling all fangirls and fanboys!

Some author friends and I have started a Facebook page for fans of Throne of Glass and we hope you’ll join us over there! It will be cool art, bookish stuff, and book recs. Seriously, it will be fun and we hope you join the party.


  1. Ahh congratulations on the NaNo word count, this is aweome! I hope you’re having tons of fun, and…you can never have too much tea 😀
    I don’t think I’ll read Dracula, or maybe sometime when I’m not alone in the house and I feel confident enough to, ahah. I’m scared easily so I don’t think it’d be the book for me hahaha. I hope you’re enjoying it !
    Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks recently posted…Since I’m an “Honorary” Aussie…. The Aussie Book Tag!My Profile

    1. Tea and books are two things of which one can never over dose. 😉 As for Dracula, I loved it, but some of my friends hated it. Still, I definitely agree it’s not a “home alone at night” book, LOL.

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