Most Bookish Things I’ve Done at Thanksgiving


In a few days, us Americans will be gathering in kin groups for our annual bird mutilation rituals. These obligatory family gatherings are great, but when you get all those people together, there are bound to be some quirks brought to the surface. In my case, my bookish side has declared itself loud and proud, particularly at Thanksgiving. I have displayed this in several ways.

Had my aunt summarize the entire Twilight Saga in 30 minutes

It was during the reign of the Twihards and I wanted to know what the hell it was about. At the same time, I wasn’t allowed to read the series. (My then 12 year old brother said it would “bring shame to our family.”)


Ergo, I asked my 40-something aunt to give me the Cliff’s Notes version. No offense to the Twihards, but not sure I ever want to read it now. Just…um…yeah.

Hid under the table to read my Kindle


My Nana has this massive table in her dining room. This table is on a very soft, very comfortable carpet. I have exploited it as a post-dessert reading nook on many occasions.

Talked publishing with relatives

My relatives were, for the most part, pretty supportive when I first started writing/publishing. I used to chat them up all the time back when I knew nothing. It was fun until I learned the truth about agents and royalties and market fragmentation and arbitrary publicity and exploitative contracts and…yeah, don’t go there with me now unless you want a lecture/rant.


Hid in the stairwell to read my Kindle


Another good reading spot in my Nana’s house is the stairs. The stairs overlook the living room and the kitchen. I have found that this is the perfect place to sit with my current read—where I can see everyone, but no one tends to notice me. Perfect.

Given unwanted book recommendations

I actually can’t remember what time of year this was, but I was dishing out paranormal romance recs to my grandmother once. That was during my PNR phase, but Nana decided she preferred Fifty Shades of Grey and I now have to live with that knowledge.


This Thanksgiving, I will be picking up shifts over at the kennel where I used to work, so not much else planned besides overeating and tackling the remainder of my NaNo WriMo word count. Still looking forward to it! I’ve gotten to spend the week back home from the dorms and not sure I want to leave.

(But even with the madness, I am slowly working through Burning Shadows by Jennifer Anne Davis.) 


What are some of the most bookish things you’ve done at family gatherings? A favorite bookish memory from Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Haha all these are so funny😂 Ahem. I do not really have a funny experience to tell BECAUSE NO ONE IN MY FAMILY READS. Well except my dad, but politics and stuff about computer languages is not really what I like. #sorrynotsorry There was a time a few years ago when my cousin asked me what I do in my free time so I said I read books and I added that my fave series was HP, she basically rolled her eyes and said that books are huge and give her a headache. That event traumatised me forever and I never mention books again in my family except when I have to beg for money to buy more books😂
    Prabhleen recently posted…REASONS TO READ ILLUMINAE- PLUS A LOT OF OTHER THINGSMy Profile

  2. hehe, this is hilarious! Even though I’m Australian, I still actually do a thanksgiving meal because my sister married an American so their family hosts an Aussie-fied Thanksgiving each year. THE FOOD IS GOOD OKAY. I’M ALL FOR THAT.😂 But then, it’s just our immediate family and a few nieces/nephew so it’s not that big of a deal and I don’t have to hide with a book. But omg I hear you on the talking about publishing! It’s actually really frustrating to talk about publishing/writing to people who know zilch.😳 😂 I mean, let’s just talk about the pie instead??? Then we can all agree?? 😂
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…10 Reasons I’m Thankful #Bookstagram Exists For Our Delicate Eyeballs To Feast UponMy Profile

    1. An Aussie-ified Thanksgiving! I would love to see that, haha. AND YES THE FOOD IS AMAZING AND FATTENING IN TRUE AMERICAN FASHION. 😀 But yeah. Publishing is a touchy one. Especially when people try to give you advice. They mean well, but…yes, I know you’re a CFO, but let me explain the basics of agents and royalties and contracts here. Ugh. Yes, pie is a better topic. 🙂

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