Top Five Fantasy Winter Worlds

As most of the world gathers to celebrate Christmas, the most winter-y holiday of the year, my mind turns toward winter-y things. Last year, I put together a list of best fantasy places to spend Christmas. This year, I want to expand that to my favorite permanently snowy fantasy worlds.

Winterfell (A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin)

Well, this one is almost permanently under snow. (Close enough.) So what that you’ll probably be gruesomely murdered by violent fellow tourists? (Pictured above.) The views will be epic and the architectural badassery is undeniable.

Mylena (Mylena Chronicles by Chloe Jacobs)

Yeah, so this is the result of a curse, but it counts. Here, we run into the problem of humans being illegal. Um…I should have thought that through. But just imagine: Snowball fights with the extra thrill of rabid goblins!

Limeros (Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes)

Also the results of a curse, this country is literally snow and rocks. It is good for nothing but sledding and snuggling around a fire and freezing until you hate winter so much even Christmas is ruined. The current government is pretty heavy handed, just so you know, but safety is for wimps.

Thalmas (Souls of the Stones series by Kelly Walker)

Another country that is pretty much snow and rocks. It’s most notable feature is rulers who aren’t evil. Bonus points!

Scandia (Shadowlight Saga by Mande Matthews)

Even if you die, it will be epic. In a land of wolves, trickster gods, and fierce marauders, you’re in for an adventure! But if any incorporeal voice claims to be your long-dead mother, make sure your mother is actually dead before you believe it.

And there we have it! My ideal winter vacation spots. I seem to favor high-danger locales for Christmas. Hmm. Anything is better than some of my relatives, I guess.

What are some of your favorite fantasy winter worlds? Did any of yours make my list? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Christmas is the most wintery holiday of the year? HAHHAHAHAH. OH DEAR. Not if you live in the Eastern Hemisphere, my friend. 😉 But I still do love wintery fantasy worlds, even if I’ve never seen snow and Christmas feels wrong unless we have the air-conditioner on.😂 But I LOVE Winterfell!! It like felt cold just reading it?!? Which is amazing. And Narnia too!! Narnia’s winteriness was basically my whole childhood. #love There’s also a fantasy retelling of the Nutcracker called Winterspell, which I didn’t LOVE…but I still adored how cold and icy it was. (Oooh, Winterspell? Winterfell?? Someone’s not being very original.😂)
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  2. I didn’t get ANY SNOW over Christmas so boo hoo… it snowed most of the day here yesterday but…NO SNOW STUCK. No surprises there. I could NOT get over a lot of the stuff in GoT so I never made it past the first half of the first book?? MAYBE I SHOULD TRY AGAIN?? But way too many sexy times. Action=YES but does there really need to be a nekked scene every 5 chapters?? RLLY. Also I have heard of Falling Kingdoms but it has sort of disappeared under my want to read pile and is probably floundering and sad 🙁
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    1. Haha…snow does not seem to ever take into consideration our aesthetic fancies. We once had it snow on Valentine’s, but Christmad? NEVER.

      And yeah, there are a lot of skin scenes in GoT. Pretty sure I skipped a few chapters worth by the time I finished, haha. No judgment!


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