New Year’s Resolutions: 2017 Edition

Now that I’ve told you all about the good things that happened in 2016 and the resolutions a year ago that I actually kept, the time comes to look forward to 2017! In truth, my goals are very similar, but they’re still things I’d like to accomplish again.

Release 3 books 

In 2016, I managed to release The Secrets of the Vanmars (Argetallam Saga, #2), The Chalice of Malvron (Argetallam Saga, #3), and Fanged Kindred (Fanged, #3). This year, I mean to equal that by releasing The Temple of Tarkoth (Argetallam Saga, #4)Fanged Rebel (Fanged, #4), and Human, a prequel novella for the Fanged series. It’s pretty ambitious all things considered, but I think I can do it!

Read 35 books

Last year, I succeeded in reading 35 books in a year. This year, I mean to do the same! It’s not even a drop in the bucket as far as what I would like to read, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Practice drawing 3.5 hours a week

That may be a very specific number, but it comes out to a half hour for everyday. I really want to learn to draw and the only way to do it is to practice!

Be a more active/social blogger

There are so many lovely book bloggers out there and I want to visit you all more often! Also, I just love getting to know people through their blogs. It’s the perfect way to connect with book lovers all around the world and I can’t wait to do more of it.

What are some of your resolutions for 2017? Any you feel particularly good about? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. I am in complete support of these resolutions (especially all the new releases!). 😛 And so very cool that you are planning to develop your drawing! That’s a great skill to have, something you can enjoy pretty much anywhere you go.

    Happy new year!

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