Pre-Vacation Book Packing Struggles

I’m flying out for Japan on Tuesday which means at least 20+ hours of flying and 6+ hours of train rides.

This is the longest trip of my life and I am unspeakable excited. Not only am I going to Japan (I mean, JAPAN), but that’s approximately 30 hours of potential reading time ahead of me.

Ergo, I am faced with the exhilarating, yet frustrating task of packing books. I have decided to limit everything to my Kindle for space and luggage reasons. That narrows it down a little, but not much. My Kindle gets intermittent WiFi connection, so it’s not like I can download at will during the trip without a USB and laptop.

I have close to 600 eBooks and I’ve only read about a fourth of them. I feel terrible about this, especially because so many of them are from authors I know, who are waiting for reviews, and/or books I’ve wanted to give a go for weeks, months, years a long time!

I mean, there’s the second book in the Reign of Secrets series and I loved the first one. Then there’s the 7th book in Erica Steven’s The Captive  series or her Kindred series…those are badass, too. Not to mention Deathless, Snow White’s Revenge, Ironhand, Hand of Fire, Voices of Blood, The Blind Dragon, Blazed Union, Mortal Enchantment, and an ARC of AsylumAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I will never be able to read them all!

There are so many options! So many books I’ve neglected for so long! I feel terrible!

Regardless, I’m sure I’ll work it out. I’m also not forgetting my own stories. You can bet I’ll be bringing a notebook and prepping for the release of the Fanged  prequel novella early June. More details will be following when I get back next month, but until then, feast your eyes on that cover!

Lovely, no? I can’t wait for you all to meet Fletcher! I fell in love writing him and I’m sure you will, too.

Now…I’m off to find travel toothpaste and make some final calls on what I’m loading into my Kindle. I also need to schedule some posts for while I’m gone. At least one…and I still have a Business Statistics final here at college. Ugh. But only a few more days before it’s me, my お祖母さん, and my Kindle in the Land of the Rising Sun. I can’t wait!

Tell me some of your pre-vacation book-packing dilemmas. How do you make the call which books to bring and which to not? 差王なら、皆さん!


  1. The struggle is real when trying to pack books for a trip! I hope you have a great time in Japan! I loved it there, and really want to go back!

  2. Hope you have a safe flight! Japan sounds cool! Having traveled a fair amount I feel your pain. I mean it’s hard enough choosing which book(s) to bring when just going out for the afternoon! 😀

  3. Ohh this is a terrifying one. I hear you!! I think I’ll be on a 3-day roadtrip at the end of the month and IT’S WORRYING ME ABOUT WHAT BOOKS TO TAKE. I was just going to rely on my kindle (aka endless books😂) but then I realised I’m bound to run out of battery really fast because my iPod eats through it so fast. ahhhh. And I always freak out about taking physical books places in case I damage them. And also what if you take books and then suddenly don’t feel like reading them?!? #panic
    😂 The bookworm life is so hard omg.

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