Tips to Meet This Year’s Reading Goal

We’re more than halfway through the year. Now’s when the rubber meets the road on all those reading goals we set in January. Some of us are killing it and topping off 200 books like it’s nothing.

However, if you are a mere mortal like me, you need all the help you can get. Ergo, here are some personal life hacks to meet yearly reading goals.

Short Reads Are Your Friend

You don’t have to always read a book that “requires it’s own ZIP code,” to quote the illustrious Tad Williams.

Novellas and short stories are perfectly acceptable. There are plenty to choose from, whether you like classics, romance, fantasy, or any other genre. Give them a shot!

Always Have a Book on Standby

Print or eReader, being able to whip out your book at a moment’s notice while standing in line, waiting for a coworker to come down the elevator, your Starbucks order, or anything else definitely gives you an edge.

Reading in 15-minute chunks is still reading and it adds up!

Anthologies Don’t Count as One

If you read a collection or anthology, give yourself credit for every individual book/story included. After all, you read the same amount as if you’d gotten them individually.

You deserve credit!

Schedule Time to Read

Like I said, it can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, six hours. It doesn’t matter. I personally block off a whole day when it’s an option and I have something that ABSOLUTELY HAS to be read.

Have an Accountability Partner

My own accountability partner is the peer pressure of Goodreads. Some 2,000+ people plus my Facebook and Twitter followers can see if I’ve met my reading goal or if I’ve updated my reading progress lately.

I’m pretty sure none of them care. However, I am highly competitive and seeing their updates makes me want to show off. See? Vanity can be converted to motivation.

Read Books You Like

This might seem obvious, but I’m serious. Don’t read books just because they’re popular or your friends keep pushing you to read them. Reading is for you. If you want to read from the recommendation lists, do that. If not, don’t.

I tried reading based on what blogs and recommendation sites said I should. It was hell. My reading time sucked and I was miserable.

Screw that, I’ll read what I want.

Treat Yo’self

It can be an iced coffee, ice cream, a cookie…a new book. I find that giving myself a reward when I meet my goals helps drive me. In extreme situations, I make lunch into my reward. You’ve got to be hardcore sometimes!

Do you have any tricks to meet your reading goals? Do you use any of these?

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