5 Reasons to Read YA Books as an Adult


As someone who devoured Young Adult books as a young adult, I went through a period where I wasn’t sure if that love would carry over. I’m graduating college in a year and well out of the YA genre’s age range. However, I have friends who are adults and still read YA. Some didn’t even discover YA until they were adults.

So why would adults want to read about people in High School and college? We all have our reasons, but I’ve thought of a few.

They’re Easier to Follow

Young Adult books don’t have the same tendency toward wildly complicated plots. Not to say YA books can’t be complex, quite the opposite. They have a less brutal storytelling format that caters to the overworked, stressed minds of teens and adults alike.

They’re Optimistic

Because YA books generally follow people between the ages of 14-18, there’s a sense of hope even when addressing darker themes. From what I’ve noticed, there’s a greater focus on growth and healing. While adult books certainly explore both, they’re not an integral part of the genre.

They’re Clean(er)

Some YA books can have gratuitous violence, profanity, and sex, true. However, there are still certain expectations on how much you can have and what you absolutely cannot have in YA. Rape scenes, for example, are something I’ve never encountered. YA books have dealt with the topic, but the stories focus more on the aftermath and results than the act itself. The same is generally true for other traumatic events as well.

They Aren’t Eregiously Pretentious in Their Articulation

People in YA talk more like regular people and the descriptions read less like regurgitated Shakespearean sonnets. To be fair, this is a huge generalization and most Adult authors do a great job, but when it comes to literary fiction and “serious” books…look out.

They Keep You Young

YA books are, at their core, about people learning their place in the world, exploring existence with its many faucets. The thing is, you should never stop exploring existence. The world is too big and complicated and beautiful. You have 80 years or less to drink it in. Seeing the world through young eyes helps remind us.

Are you an adult YA reader? What are some of your reasons for reading YA?

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