Review: Revelation (Poison Blood, #1) by Neha Yazmin

32875731“I don’t know what blood tastes like to a human. I’d never even licked a tiny drop of it from a pricked finger, let alone suck on a bleeding cut. The shedding of blood, my own, or anyone else’s, always made me scream or panic in fear and revulsion. Now it’s my only food source.” 

Elisia Dalton, more commonly known as Ellie, is not a typical teenaged vampire. She still has her humanity and conscience. Her human memories and growing pains. And the same distaste for blood.

Still reeling from the secrets she uncovered before she was turned into a vampire by the mysterious immortal Christian, Ellie is also finding it hard to come to terms with what she has become. And the revelations keep coming.

Book 1 of the Poison Blood series reveals why Ellie is not like others of her kind.

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3 out of 5 stars

I haven’t rated a book this low in some time and it really sucks, but I have to keep in mind the whole “honest review” bit. I feel that this was more of a first draft and could have been much better. Had the author elected to revise it once or twice, it might have been an easy 4-star or 5-star read, but I’m assessing it “as is.” More character development would have fixed the book.

The plot:

One good thing, the plot did not ramble. It was clear from the beginning where the story was going and it stayed on track. There is not anything in the plot that I can point to as an error. Most of my issues had to do with characters and their interactions.

The characters:

Like I said, most of my problems were with the characters. Ellie seems inconsistent, running away at what seemed a small provocation to me (not enough foreshadowing of her parental resentment) then returns to her family months later what seemed rather easily. She goes from sheltered girl who’s never been kissed to casually and confidently walking from a one-night stand in less than a week. That made no sense to me.

Christian’s motivations were less unbelievable, just because he is a vampire. But he still expresses some hints of remorse and vampires allegedly don’t experience that.

The first two novellas in this series are free and I have the second one, but no real desire to read it at the moment. I may eventually, we’ll have to see.

Ellie’s mother takes the whole “vampire” thing rather easily, joking with Ellie hours after Ellie returns months after her disappearance. And then there’s the human guy we meet at the end. That just…that reeked of insta-love.

I think Yazmin has an imagination and the makings of a good story here, it was just not fully assembled from my perspective. I do think she’ll be able to work out these kinds of character difficulties when she becomes more experienced. Regardless of this book’s state, I think her storytelling has potential and certainly hope she will keep at it.

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