Review: Burning Bridges (Legends of Regia, #5) by Tenaya Jayne

27575518.jpgThe deadly game continues…Kidnapped, tortured, and used as bait, Forest’s life hangs in the balance as Copernicus moves forward to claim the throne. In the shadows, an army of slaves, waits to deal Regia’s new republic a killing blow.

After the insurgent’s first strike, a wave of rage builds through the races. No one is ready to lay down and hand Copernicus what he wants. But time is running out for Syrus to save Forest and their baby.

Turned into a drone, and weighed down with guilt, Redge tries to break free of the grasp of the insurgents. The only person who can help him is the woman of his past.

Lives will be lost, reluctant heroes will rise, and past flames will be rekindled. Regia must rise against Copernicus, but on the horizon, an even darker shadow lengthens over the land.

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My rating:  5/5

Book #4 ended in a cliffhanger because Tenaya is a cruel monster who loves to torture us. Ergo, I downloaded the next book and got to reading! (What choice did I have?)

The plot:

I would have liked to understand more about Journey’s homeworld and the dynamics there. It seemed to be that there weren’t enough consequences for her decision to break the law and return to Regia. Other than that, I loved everything about this storyline. It was a sweet, heartfelt adventure about rediscovering young love in one plot line, finding redemption in another, and Forest and Syrus weathering yet another hurricane in their relationship.

The characters:

Journey is beautiful in every sense of the word. Her description, her personality, her heart. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Her appearance in Regia throws a wrench in some major villainy, which made it all that much better. Hardcore with a gentle heart and borderline pacifist, she’s a good contrast to the martial heroines we’ve seen so far (not that I’m complaining).

I had no idea Redge could be this awesome. His undying love for Journey and the mental repercussions he experiences as a blood slave were gritty and intense. I was glad Tenaya expanded on Syrus’s best friend as much as she did. It not only gives depth to Redge, but to Syrus as well. His relationship with Journey and how it impacted everything else in his life were

Syrus needed to be upsided in the head with a shovel once or twice, but other than that, he and Forest were perfect as always. We see more of Forest and Rahaxeris’s relationship and I loved that part. Also, the complicated repercussions of the Rune-dy’s experimentation AND SHREVE PRECIOUS CHILD I WILL SPEAK OF HIM IN THE NEXT REVIEW OH YES.

This series continues to be amazing and if you’ve read it, you’ll agree. If you haven’t, may I ask why not?

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