Review: Blood Lock (Legends of Regia, #6) by Tenaya Jayne @TenayaJayne


After her sister’s brutal murder, Sabra swore vengeance. But now, her brother has sold her as mate to the highest bidder. Defiant of the custom, and unwilling to submit, dangerous trouble lies ahead. In order to survive, she’s forced to accept the help of her mortal enemy.

On the eve of the Savage Solstice, the werewolves hold a tournament. A fight to the death. The victor will become the new pack leader. In a culture where women have no rights, Sabra will challenge tradition and fight in the tournament. She will need all of her rage, strength, and training if she is to have a chance. But most of all, she’ll need her heart, and it just may have been stolen by the man she hates more than anything.

The wizards are coming… All of Regia’s best minds are working tirelessly to come up with a plan to save their world. A blood lock is set in place to hold the enemy back. But if it fails… Will Forest’s daughter hold the key to Regia’s survival?

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My rating: 5/5

This book was part of my weekend Regia binge and the emotional sucker punch was possibly the worst. My involvement in this couple with their separate and individual battles kept me glued to my Kindle.

The plot and pacing:

As far as story structure, I think this might be the author’s seminal work. We have three main plots being juggled: Sabra’s plot, Shreve’s plot, and their relationship’s plot. Everything that happens raises the stakes and all the characters’ interactions heighten the tension to some extent. I absolutely loved the way this book was put together and the bittersweet romance made it impossible not to love.

The characters:

Sabra is a badass, let’s just put it that way. For once, I have found a story where the female breaking out of society makes sense. There’s a set up to it and an explanation of her motivations.

I absolutely love Shreve. Good lord, I love Shreve. His quest for morality and goodness are touching, compelling, and at times downright heart wrenching. Watching him struggle to have a relationship with his newly found family, trying to help Forest through her difficulties as a new mom…it was beautiful.

This is a sweet romance with a heavy dose of moral dilemmas, self-sacrifice, and hardcore fight scenes. I absolutely love this series and I 100% recommend!

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