Review: Dorian’s Game (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, #0.5) by T.L. Shreffler

Dorian’s life has always been a bit quiet and uneventful — that is, until he meets Adelaide Warde.

Determined to find a sacred relic in the nearby mines, Adelaide enlists Dorian as a guide. However, there is another in search of the relic — a mysterious traveler named Crash, who hopes to use the relic to escape his past.

Suddenly caught up in a conflict he wants no part of, who will Dorian help? The woman who has stolen his heart, or a stranger in need?”

*Fans of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles can now read the story of how Burn, Dorian and Crash met, and how Volcrian’s hunt truly began!

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My rating: 5/5

I fell in love with this series years ago when I lived in the middle of nowhere and had to use my library’s WiFi to download books on my Kindle. This series has been an addiction, an obsession, an escape, and an inspiration.

The plot:

This is one of those stories where I thought I knew where it would go and that’s not where it went at all. Readers of the series know generally how it ends, but there were still many questions and surprises. It was incredibly how the author pulled it off.

The pacing:

Shreffler has developed a remarkable pacing ability. These stories feel much longer than they are (in a good way) because there is so much we discover. She writes in a way that keeps the reader engaged and guessing.

I read this in a single day, getting up at 5 a.m. to read if before school, cramming 5 minute reading sessions between classes, and late into the night.


The characters:

Dorian didn’t really connect with me in the first book. I didn’t really develop an emotional connection. In this one, that all changes. We get to see more of his personable history and thoughts and it was truly moving.

The rest of the cast was no exception. The familiar characters became more lovable and the new ones quickly became sympathetic. I came to care deeply even for the ones I knew would die and even some of the villains. The complexity, individualism, and development of the cast was incredible.


I am still so, so, so in love with this series. It’s amazing to see how far this author has come and I can’t wait to see what she does next! I wholly recommend anything by her and she’s one of perhaps only three of my “auto buy” authors.


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