Shouting at the Sky

I think most people feel unheard.

Writers certainly do, I think that’s one of the big things that drives us to write in the first place.

If you’re feeling unheard, I want you to know that you still matter.

Loneliness makes it worse. You can get to the point you think you could step off the edge of the earth and no one would bat an eye.

It’s easy to feel stuffed between the cracks, like no one is looking, no one cares.

Books were and are my escape. I still need people, though.

As much as I would love to substitute my paper friends for my flesh and blood ones, that’s neither practical nor possible.

Besides, it’s not always about me. Sometimes, it’s about letting the people who care about you know you care about them, too.

If you have the chance to help someone feel heard, do it, please. 

I realized how easy it is to give someone a fabulous time at parties just by listening. Hearing their stories, genuinely caring about them.

It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

Making someone just a little happier is only one question away: How was your day?

Since I started doing this, people have told me I was a good friend, that I helped them figure things out, all just by listening.

There’s no easy solution to feeling unheard. But for me, helping other people feel heard has been the best cure yet.



  1. Love this. A while ago I was struck by how truly rare it is for someone to actually listen to another person, instead of just waiting for their turn to talk. Something as simple as listening is way more powerful than we think.

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