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With no choice but to face her destiny straight on, Kaia is determined to end the curse—no matter the personal cost. Sacrificing her own wants and desires, she turns herself over to the evil king, Morlet. Together, they seek to discover the catalyst for the events that started it all over a hundred years ago.

The path she embarks on tests her skills, her willpower, and her heart. Facing the darkest truth inside of her, she makes a choice that not only has unspeakable consequences, but also changes her life and the future of the kingdom forever.

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My rating: 4/5

I really wasn’t sure what to expect after the cliffhanger of the last book. I had some mixed feelings and torn emotions. Knowing this was the last book of the trilogy upped the ante considerably. I was excited to read this book and it did not let me down.

The plot:

Ever had the “there’s 15% left and how could it possibly end happy” scenarios? Well. That’s what you get here. I was low key panicking yesterday, trying to figure out if a happy ending was even possible and HOW was Davis going to wrap it up and HOLY CRAP.

I did feel the “knocked unconscious” plot device was used too often in this book (which was about half of why it’s not a full five stars). There was also a lot of back and forth from this location to that location and back again. I didn’t keep track, but Kaia kept making the decision to escape/leave where she was and then went straight back. It felt awkward.

All the same, a lot happens in this book, A LOT, and it happens quick. It has that breakneck pacing I’ve come to know and love from Davis’s books and did not disappoint at all.

The characters:

Kaia’s emotions do a lot of yo-yoing as do those of some of the other characters. Her internal conflicts were a bit more complex than some of the other heroines Davis has written and her struggles with destiny, choice, and her own feelings were layered. As far as storytelling, I think Kaia was written the best in this book.

Morlet/Espen’s portrayal in this book was fascinating as it delved deeper into the man/black magic conflict in our main villain.

Their interactions with the other Krigers, Vidar, the Heks, and the minor characters were well written, I thought. Everything there drove the plot forward and though there were points certain characters’ reactions confused me, I may have simply misunderstood.

And there is Anders <3. I got mad at him for the last part of book #2 and the first part of this one. Then it got better and I just clearly have a thing for assassins, okay?

Minor spoiler, it does end happy. So there is that. This story did feel less polished than some of her others, but Jennifer Anne Davis remains one of my few auto-read authors and I can’t wait for her next release!

NOTE: Allyssa of Cage of Deceit remains my favorite Davis heroine. FYI.

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