REVIEW: The Last Pendragon (The Last Pendragon Saga #1) by Sarah Woodbury


Rhiann knows that demons walk the night. She has been taught to fear them. But from the moment Cade is dragged before her father’s throne, beaten and having lost all of his men to her father’s treachery, he stirs something inside her that she has never felt before. When Cade is revealed to be not only Arthur’s heir but touched by the sidhe, Rhiann must choose between the life she left behind and the one before her–and how much she is willing to risk to follow her heart.

The Last Pendragon is the first novella (30,000 words) in The Last Pendragon Saga. (The Last Pendragon Saga was originally published as two volumes: The Last Pendragon and The Pendragon’s Quest.)


My Rating: 4/5

This is going to be a short review for a short book. Did I like this book? Yes. Did I think it needed work? Yes. Did I immediately go download the next five novellas for a weekend binge? Yes. Why, yes I did.

I instantly likely Rhiann. She’s plucky and still very feminine (a recurring theme I like about Woodbury’s heroines). Cade strikes all the right chords of an Arthurian hero and I 100% loved their interactions from the start.

The intrigue of the gods and men, the romance of an Arthurian tale, and the beautifully portrayed setting of medieval Wales combined for a story I didn’t want to end. What choice did I have but to get the next books? There were some scene transitions, dialogue, and wording that I felt were rough. The book could have been more polished, but I still liked it 10x more than plenty of others that are.

To date, I’ve read through all but the last two novellas, which I just downloaded post-payday. This is an amazing series, bringing new vision to historical fact and traditional folklore. I highly recommend!

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